Teaching Philosophy


I love teaching voice and working with talented singers! I started teaching when I was in graduate school at the University of Southern California and continued teaching as an adjunct at California Lutheran, Scripps College, Pasadena City College, and later at Westminster Choir College and the City University of New York (Lehman College).  I also had a very active private studio in New York City before going to Europe.

As my career began to take off, I went to Europe to sing for 15 years and put teaching on the back burner.  But during this time, I continued to study technique with different teachers in Europe and America and also absorbed as much as I could from the many brilliant conductors, coaches and directors with whom I worked.

When I returned to the States to singing and teaching, I read every vocal pedagogy book I could find.  From the old, Italian masters to the latest in scientific research.  This boundless material has inculcated the fundamentals of my teaching technique by incorporating physiological and technical skills into the body and voice but also with the bel canto requirements of beauty of sound, breath management, legato, fioratura, expression, etc.  In addition, having sung both as a mezzo and as a dramatic soprano the technique I gained through making these changes has given me tremendous insight that I bring to my teaching.

However, all the technique in the world would be useless if there is no heart, soul or passion in the singer. To aid us in developing a well-rounded singer, we delve into interpretation, expression, diction, personal understanding of the text and subtext, background of the music, and all the attributes that make for complete artistry and beautiful singing!  

Join me on our journey together!

I maintain a private studio of professional singers in New York City.