There are many books on vocal pedagogy.  Some good and some not-so-good. Some have interesting ideas and other parts that can be questionable.  I present these books as ones I have read and consult from time to time.  This is not a comprehensive list, by any means, but some that you might find interesting to peruse.

  • Singing, the Mechanism and the Technic by William Vennard (This was my text book in grad school at the University of Southern California and the foundation to the physiology of singing.)

  • The Science of the Singing Voice by Johan Sundberg

  • Principles of Voice Production by Ingo Titze

  • Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice by Janice Chapman

  • The Structure of Singing; Solutions for Singers; The Art of Singing; Securing the Bass-Baritone and Bass Voices; Training the Tenor Voice; Training Soprano Voices by Richard Miller

  • Bel Canto by Richard Stark

  • Singing, the Physical Nature of the Vocal OrganA guide to unlocking of the Singing Voice” by Frederick Husler, translated from German by Yvonne Rodd-Marling

  • The Odyssey of the Voice by Jean Abitbol

  • The Power of the Voice by Jean Abitbol

  • The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice by Barbara Doscher

  • The Craft of Singing by Garyth Nair

  • Complete Vocal Fitness by Claudia Friedlander

  • The Anatomy of the Voice by Theodore Dimon

  • The Thompson Method of Bodywork by Cathy and Tara Thompson

  • Singing and Science: Body, Brain and Voice by Jean Callaghan

  • The Vocal Pitstop: Keeping your Voice on Track by Adam Rubin

  • Practical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers by Kenneth Bozeman

  • The Art of Singing; The Teaching of the Classical Italian Song-Schools by Lucie Manén

  • How to Sing by Lilli Lehman

  • Singing and Teaching Singing, A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice by Janice Chapman

  • Power Performance for Singers by Emmons and Thomas

  • Basics of Vocal Pedagogy by Clifton Ware

  • Diagnosis of Vocal Faults by James McKinney

  • Discover your Voice by Oren Brown

  • Lamperti’s Vocal Wisdom by Wm. Earl Brown

  • Complete Treatise: The Art of Singing by Manuel Garcia

  • Caruso’s Method of Voice Production by Mario Marafioti

  • Caruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of Singing by Caruso and Tetrazzini

Reccomended books on Art Songs:

Hugo Wolf:

  • The Songs of Hugo Wolf by Eric Sams

  • Hugo Wolf by Ernest Newman

Johannes Brahms:

  • The Songs of Johannes Brahms by Eric Sams

Franz Schubert:

  • Franz Schubert: The Complete Songs by Graham Johnson

  • Schubert’s Songs by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

  • Book of Lieder (Translations) by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

  • The Schubert Song Companion by John Reed

  • Schubert Song Cycles by Gerald Moore

German Lieder:

  • More than Singing by Lotte Lehmann

  • 18 Song Cycles by Lotte Lehmann

Robert Schumann:

  • A Poet’s Love (Schumann) by Gerald Moore

  • Singing Schumann by Richard Miller

  • Robert Schumann by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

  • Singer and Accompanist by Gerald Moore

  • Songs of Robert Schumann by Eric Sams

Richard Strauss:

  • Lieder of Richard Strauss by Alan Jefferson

French Song:

  • Interpretation of French Song by Pierre Bernac

  • French Song Companion by Graham Johnson

Gabriel Fauré:

  • Interpretation of Songs of Fauré byRobert Gartside

  • Gabriele Fauré: Songs and their Poets by Graham Johnson

Francis Poulenc:

  • Francis Poulenc: The Man and His Songs by Pierre Bernac

General Books on Lieder:

  • The Lied: Mirror of Late Romanticism by Edward Kravitt

  • Nineteenth Century German Lied by Lorraine Gorrell

  • Song: A Guide to Style and Literature by Carol Kimball

  • Researching the Song by Emmons and Lewis

  • Art of the Song Recital by Emmons and Sonntag

  • Singing in Style by Martha Elliot

  • Poetry in Song by Stein and Spellman

  • Scandinavian Song by Anna Hersey

  • Tchaikovsky Complete Songs by Richard Sylvester

  • Rachmaninoff Complete Songs by Richard Sylvester